Ways to make your windows computer faster and perform better

If you are facing problem with your computer’s speed observe that it is slowing down or creating problem, it is very important to know and solve the problem in a time before you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new computer system. According to a computer repair technician in fort worth we had a chance to talk to told us that widows on computers typically slow down after a point of time as new applications are installed and used. Hard drives generally fill with temporary files that do not always get removed when no longer needed. These files slow down the computer and make user’s regular tasks difficult. You will find that it will only take a few simple instructions to make your PC and computer faster and perform better.

Update your windows and drives: –

For a faster computer always make sure that you have the latest version or update of windows. Update drives is an easy way to ensure top performance and reduce venerability. It is vital for high performance. It is very important to understand what the drives have stored are and what is the purpose of the drives (storage or operational).

Uninstall unused programs and freeing up the resources: –

Removing unused program is very essential to speed up your computer. It is a great way to free up disk space. Windows and programs running in Windows create temporary files and log files. Files that are deleted may gather in the recycle bin, it is very important to empty recycle bin from time to time, if you don’t empty it often is going to create a variety of problems for you. When you use internet your browser creates temp file and websites put cookies on your computer this causes growth of history. To clean up your computer and delete temporary files from system use cleanup tools and software.

Get more hard drive storage and RAM: –

RAM stands for Random access memory. This is temporary storage memory of a computer. Lesser the configuration of the RAM you slower will be your computer especially while running many applications in one go. If your computer indicates you that you have not enough RAM then you can add more RAM And if you think the storage is not enough to hold the data that you need to store you can go in for an external hard disk or even replace the existing hard disk with a new one which holds more data.

Reboot/Restart your computer: –

Do not continue to use your computer for a long time. Reboot or restart your system from time to time. This can temporarily speed up a slow computer and will refresh and free the memory.  Always log off or shut down your system and wait for seconds and turn it back on.

Run fewer programs at a time: –

Close the programs that are not working in. Your computer will thank you. Try to limit the amount of programs that run automatically when you start your computer.

Install and use antivirus software: –

Install antivirus software for speeding up your computer and for protecting them virus attacks. Computer virus repair is very important. Always update your antivirus program from time to time. It is very important to scan the computer system in a week it will help to speed up the performance of your system.