Ways to prevent unauthorized computer access and save your important data

For everyone it is vital that all important documents and records should be stored in a safe place from where they can be referred back when required. People save their important information, files and documents into their laptops and systems and think they are done with it, they think their important data is in a safe and secure place and can’t be accessed by anyone. Sadly, it is not that simple. Some documents are private and confidential.  This type of data is very important to keep secure from people who are not authorized to access them. This is very important to ensure you prevent any sensitive business data from falling into the wrong hands.

Ways to prevent unauthorized computer access and tips for securing important data

It is very important to prevent your data from unauthorized users. Here are some important steps for securing your computer from unauthorized access.

Lock down your computer: –

It’s just a work of few second to prevent your important information from unauthorized use. Do not let your computer on when you are leaving. Turn it off or lock it by Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL, and then press ENTER.

Use Password: –

Use strong password for your computer’s security. This is most important that you can take to protect your computer from unauthorized users. Change your password at least once in a month. Do not write your password anywhere. Create BIOS password for your computer. It prevents people from logging into your operating system.

Keep the fire wall on: –

It is recommended highly by the all IT consulting companies that always turn on the fire wall when you are accessing internet. Fire wall works as a protective wall between your systems and server. It helps to track or scrutinized the data which is exchanged between the computer system and server before it is sent across. It helps to protect your computer from potential threats like malware, spyware, viruses. It is also designed to prevent illegitimate access to your computer.

Take caution while reading emails or surfing on internet: –

Always be careful when you are opening your emails. Do not open emails from unknown resources because emails are the most popular, old and existing practices for sending viruses and malware through emails attachments. These types of mails can expose your important data from system for unlawful cyber acts.

Use antivirus software: –

Do not forget to download antivirus software for your system. Antivirus plays an important role to protect your computers and server from virus and malware attacks.

Keep the systems out of public view: –

It is possible that someone is continuously seeing your activities for accessing important data. So it is very important to keep your computer system and its components out of public view.

Backup your data: –

There always have been many chances of data loss. An attacker could crash computer’s operating system or the data can be corrupt and deleted. Data of your computer system is the most vital aspect of your computer. It is important to backup your important data on regular basis. Many options are available to backup your data by using USB drives, CD’s, DVD’s. Some applications automatically give the option of backup data. It is essential to backup your data to reuse it in a condition of important data lose.


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