Step by Step guide for broken laptop screen

Generally a broken or cracked screen can create problems on your laptop. Damaged LCD can be replaced with the right tools, a little technical know-how and little bit patience. We are just trying to show how a screen is being replaced on an ASUS UL50V notebook, which has an LED backlit LCD. Some of the steps may vary in other models laptops. Rest basics of the process will remain almost same.

Collecting tools and equipment’s:

New LCD screen and a few simple tools are required to begin this fixing. Screw driver with a variety of small bits, such as Phillips#00 and a TorxT5 would be recommended for tools. It will be good idea if you recommend few thin metal blades or plastic Spudgers.  These tools are handy to remove the trim that surrounds the screen. New LCD should be bought from the laptop manufacturer or a third party supplier.  Depending upon the type of screen it usually cost between $50 and $250 dollars and more if it is a high end display or you buy an OEM replacement. You want to buy a new screen that matches a broken one exactly so, you need to remove a broken one.

Take away screen bezel: Once you have disconnected the power supply, remove the battery and carefully examine the bezel around the screen. The bezel is to be removed in order to access the screws that hold the LCD panel in place. On this laptop, several rubber cushions hide screws which hold the bezel in place. There is need to remove these cushions and the screws that are underneath.

Note: Your laptop might not have cushions or hidden screws. The bezel may simply snap onto the lid or be held in place with double side tape.

Remove Busted LCD panel: The screws can be removed that secure it to the lid, in which the LCD’s mounting brackets are exposed. After that remove the display front side down on the case and disconnect its cable. If the laptops are made before 2010 and has fluorescent backlights, it will likely have two cables. Since, this is an LED backlit LCD so, it has only one. Manufacturers label is to be located and model number is to be noted. Through this information, you will be able to buy an exact match for your screen.

Setup the LCD Panel: Once the new screen arrives, it should be unpacked and tested that it should match with the other old one. Get ready to install the screen if you found that the dimensions, mounting brackets and connectors all match. The new panel is to be connected to the cable, the panel is to be positioned in the lid and should be secured using the appropriate screws.

Check out the new LCD panel and reinstall the bezel: It will be a good idea to test the new panel before reattaching the bezel. The battery and the power cable are to be reconnected and the machine is to be turned on. The bezel can be reattached if the displays work properly on any external screws and rubber cushions. The repair is completed.

The repair is not too tough but the thing is that you need a little patience and planning to make sure that you get the right replacement screen. However if you are not too sound technically and don’t have a penchant for repairs the best option is to go to a laptop repair shop and have your laptop repaired.

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Top five facts to be considered while choosing a laptop repair company

Choosing the best computer repair company becomes vital if your computer is facing issues in terms of hardware or software. Choosing the best computer repair company to care of the issues being faced in an efficient manner is important since your computer holds vital information. The things that are to be kept in mind while choosing the best computer and laptop repair service are as follows:

  • On Site Support: It might be a long process to wait for a technician to visit your home to solve your PC issues and the charges may be pretty high for a home visit. A small repair on your computer can be charged high enough to burn a hole in your pocket. These problems can be solved through onsite support. Onsite support is a service through which you can solve your PC issues by sitting at home without having to visit any repair company. Expert technicians are present to solve your PC issues and to get expert advice. So, look for the company that is available with onsite support services.
    • Work Warranty: This is the second aspect that should be kept in mind while you are dealing with a laptop repair company for getting things done right. But it is very important for you to find out a company that provides you with warranty on their work. Work warranty will help you in saving money that you may have spent where the work was not warranted. Most of the companies might be offering some of the best offers on warranty of 6 months but you must check whether they are replacing parts in case these parts get damaged.
    • Cost of the repair: This is one of the most important factors while choosing a laptop repair company. Research for a company that has a reputation and has volumes of work along with the best prices to get the job done. Search the web take feedback from friends, family and co workers.
    • Is the Company accessible: While choosing a computer Repair Company always look for a company that is accessible from other locations also. Good companies will have their service centers at multiple locations as compared to smaller ones that may be confined to a local area.
    • Surf Internet: The power of internet is well known. Do some research using phrases like laptop repair, notebook repair, laptop service, laptop repair service, computer repair technician, laptop computer repair, business computer repair etc. Or you can visit the sites that provide the best deals and reputed computer service providers in your city.

No matter where you live, surf around before choosing the best computer repair service in your city. These tips might help in finding the best laptop repair company in and around your city.

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Ways to make your windows computer faster and perform better

If you are facing problem with your computer’s speed observe that it is slowing down or creating problem, it is very important to know and solve the problem in a time before you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new computer system. According to a computer repair technician in fort worth we had a chance to talk to told us that widows on computers typically slow down after a point of time as new applications are installed and used. Hard drives generally fill with temporary files that do not always get removed when no longer needed. These files slow down the computer and make user’s regular tasks difficult. You will find that it will only take a few simple instructions to make your PC and computer faster and perform better.

Update your windows and drives: –

For a faster computer always make sure that you have the latest version or update of windows. Update drives is an easy way to ensure top performance and reduce venerability. It is vital for high performance. It is very important to understand what the drives have stored are and what is the purpose of the drives (storage or operational).

Uninstall unused programs and freeing up the resources: –

Removing unused program is very essential to speed up your computer. It is a great way to free up disk space. Windows and programs running in Windows create temporary files and log files. Files that are deleted may gather in the recycle bin, it is very important to empty recycle bin from time to time, if you don’t empty it often is going to create a variety of problems for you. When you use internet your browser creates temp file and websites put cookies on your computer this causes growth of history. To clean up your computer and delete temporary files from system use cleanup tools and software.

Get more hard drive storage and RAM: –

RAM stands for Random access memory. This is temporary storage memory of a computer. Lesser the configuration of the RAM you slower will be your computer especially while running many applications in one go. If your computer indicates you that you have not enough RAM then you can add more RAM And if you think the storage is not enough to hold the data that you need to store you can go in for an external hard disk or even replace the existing hard disk with a new one which holds more data.

Reboot/Restart your computer: –

Do not continue to use your computer for a long time. Reboot or restart your system from time to time. This can temporarily speed up a slow computer and will refresh and free the memory.  Always log off or shut down your system and wait for seconds and turn it back on.

Run fewer programs at a time: –

Close the programs that are not working in. Your computer will thank you. Try to limit the amount of programs that run automatically when you start your computer.

Install and use antivirus software: –

Install antivirus software for speeding up your computer and for protecting them virus attacks. Computer virus repair is very important. Always update your antivirus program from time to time. It is very important to scan the computer system in a week it will help to speed up the performance of your system.

Ways to prevent unauthorized computer access and save your important data

For everyone it is vital that all important documents and records should be stored in a safe place from where they can be referred back when required. People save their important information, files and documents into their laptops and systems and think they are done with it, they think their important data is in a safe and secure place and can’t be accessed by anyone. Sadly, it is not that simple. Some documents are private and confidential.  This type of data is very important to keep secure from people who are not authorized to access them. This is very important to ensure you prevent any sensitive business data from falling into the wrong hands.

Ways to prevent unauthorized computer access and tips for securing important data

It is very important to prevent your data from unauthorized users. Here are some important steps for securing your computer from unauthorized access.

Lock down your computer: –

It’s just a work of few second to prevent your important information from unauthorized use. Do not let your computer on when you are leaving. Turn it off or lock it by Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL, and then press ENTER.

Use Password: –

Use strong password for your computer’s security. This is most important that you can take to protect your computer from unauthorized users. Change your password at least once in a month. Do not write your password anywhere. Create BIOS password for your computer. It prevents people from logging into your operating system.

Keep the fire wall on: –

It is recommended highly by the all IT consulting companies that always turn on the fire wall when you are accessing internet. Fire wall works as a protective wall between your systems and server. It helps to track or scrutinized the data which is exchanged between the computer system and server before it is sent across. It helps to protect your computer from potential threats like malware, spyware, viruses. It is also designed to prevent illegitimate access to your computer.

Take caution while reading emails or surfing on internet: –

Always be careful when you are opening your emails. Do not open emails from unknown resources because emails are the most popular, old and existing practices for sending viruses and malware through emails attachments. These types of mails can expose your important data from system for unlawful cyber acts.

Use antivirus software: –

Do not forget to download antivirus software for your system. Antivirus plays an important role to protect your computers and server from virus and malware attacks.

Keep the systems out of public view: –

It is possible that someone is continuously seeing your activities for accessing important data. So it is very important to keep your computer system and its components out of public view.

Backup your data: –

There always have been many chances of data loss. An attacker could crash computer’s operating system or the data can be corrupt and deleted. Data of your computer system is the most vital aspect of your computer. It is important to backup your important data on regular basis. Many options are available to backup your data by using USB drives, CD’s, DVD’s. Some applications automatically give the option of backup data. It is essential to backup your data to reuse it in a condition of important data lose.

Checking your computer before handing it to computer repair technician

No matter how independent we want to become, we will always be depending on technology. Computers have becomes an integral part of our lives. There are numerous ways on how computers can break down and malfunction like drive errors, computer viruses as well spilling of coffee on it. Due to this increased dependence of computers, the computer repair business has emerged as one of the major service providing industry. Similarly, the computer repair business in Fort Worth is booming like anything since this is one gadget that has changed the way the world worked. If your computer develops a fault, before you fork out for a computer repair technician, here are some easy tips to try yourself what exactly the problem is so that you can easily communicate your problem to the technician.

A Few Tips that will come handy in case of a Faulty Computer or Laptop

First of all you have to have a good understanding of what it is or what you need to do for your laptop or computer. If you are not confident and don’t know what the problem is? Then don’t try to fix it since it may hinder the chances of computer repair even by a computer repair technician.

If your computer screen is frozen try with forced shut down on your PC by holding down the power button. Do this only if you are confident enough that the problem is there with the screen.

If things aren’t working as smoothly as they should or you’re frequently experiencing problems it could be a big issue. To avoid losing your important files, photo and folder backup your data either online or on an external hard disk.

Security of your computer from virus attacks is essential if you don’t have security software installed then buy a good security software/antivirus program for your PC security and install it. This is going to secure your computer from malicious attacks via web along with a few virus that may creep in via external storage devices.

If you are facing a problem just after installing a new program from the web then uninstall the last piece of software that you installed on your system. To do this safely and fully, go to the Windows Control Panel (access from your Start menu) and select ‘Add or remove programs’. Once you’ve uninstalled the program, check for improvement. If everything’s working OK again, you can try reinstalling.

Problems can arise if you have duplicate files in your drive, if you have two version of same program this can cause conflicts on your computer. This can make your computer sluggish and at worst can cause computer crashes.

If you want to improve the performance and the reliability of your computer system or PC then you can set your computer for automatic window updating.

IT Strategic Planning

An “IT Strategy” is simply a comprehensive plan that you can use in your business guide your decisions on what you want to do with your technology, whether that is hardware, software, or Network Infrastructure. We can help you develop a “game plan” to deal with current and future needs in regard to your Information Technology. By planning out what your needs may be in regard to your Information Technology, you won’t be taken by surprise by any IT related expenses. You will be able to be in the driver’s seat with what you want to spend with regards to your technology budget.